Monday, March 17, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

I'm always impressed with Jessica's ability to capture wonderful pictures but this one takes the cake. I'm sure we will see more smiles like this from Reed. Baseball season is right around the corner and by the end of the year hopefully the Cubs will give us plenty of moments to smile about. I guess it will be alright if he likes the Braves, but only if the aren't playing the Cubs. If we have a girl next she can be a Braves fan like her mama. Oh yeah, I didn't wear green today. It was fun. Jessica didn't either.


Whit & Lindsay said...

Wow what a grin!!! He must have just done something in that diaper of his! Cause the Cubs usually aren't something to smile least not at the end of the season.
Your loving sister-in-law who is already fed up with fake baseball.

Summer said...

Oh, I love that grin!! Reed looks so happy!

Brittany said...

I feel like I can almost hear Reed laughing in the first shot. Looks like Ladies Man #1 and Ladies Man #2.

Thanks for the advice on the spitting up. Oh and yeah, she has shot it out her nose also. I agree. Not something I want to see on a daily basis. It looks painful but does not even phase her.

deborah said...

Wow! Does he look happy! Must be because he knows Granna and Pappa T are coming to visit tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

Thanks for visiting.