Monday, March 3, 2008

Doctor's orders

We went for Reed's four-month checkup on Friday. He's growing like a weed! He was in the 90th percentile for height coming in at 26 inches! Doc said, "This one's going to be tall!" Then he gently added that he was in the 50-plus percentile for weight (15 lbs., 4 ozs.). He also told us to start Reed on solids. Reed isn't so sure about this change yet, as you can tell from the photo. But I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon! He also got more shots that have made him a little grumpy over the weekend. Poor little guy! I told him his Aunt Kathryn and Aunt Lindsay cried, too, when they got shots, and they were in high school, so there was no reason to be embarrassed.

On another note, send a prayer up for Michael's Mom. She and Phillip got in an ATV accident yesterday and she's in the hospital with a broken arm in two places, two broken ribs and a punctured lung. Looks like for now she's in the clear for not needing surgery on the lung, but looks like she'll definitely have surgery on her arm. Phillip is doing fine, just a bunch of bumps and bruises and concern. Just keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery!


Summer said...

I'll go ahead and tell on my husband. He was the fattest baby I've ever seen (nicknamed by his own mother Baby Buddha), but as soon as he started walking, he became downright skinny! As soon as Reed gets to crawling, I have no doubt he too will lose those adorable baby rolls.
Wishing the best to Michael's mom!

Jessica said...

I must admit, he comes by it honest. I was quite the chunk myself!

deborah said...

He's not fat. He's healthy!!!!!
He needs all of that food to keep up his active life style. He moves all the time and is just the cutest, sweetest, most handsome, adorable boy in the whole world!!!!!

Brittany said...

Jimmy was also a chub. He just needed some height. The walking just didn't do it for him...but in regards to Reed...I have to agree with Granna!

Whit & Lindsay said...

I hope Michael's parents are OK!

And speaking of the shots, it was penacillin--thick as peanut butter they say. And right in the A. You would cry too!

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