Thursday, March 6, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes thoughts run together within a small group of people. My youth group often asks me, "How do you know God is speaking to you?" Tongue and cheek, I tell them, "You have to listen." However, the following is an example of how I know when God is speaking to me.

Just tonight I was once again reminded how much of an inspiration a baby can be. (In this case of course I'm talking about Reed.) Everybody understands that it's not hard to be touched by a baby's smile, but you have to have kids to understand what is meant when you are told the famous phrase, "Your life will never be the same!" Prior to Reed being born I actually told Jessica I don't think our life will change all that much. I knew there would be diapers, crying that would be impossible to sooth and nights where if I could 15 minutes of sleep in a row I would be happy. That to me was only a new sacrifice required to receive the most wonderful blessing from God. Boy was I served a smack in the face with irony. It turns out I'm right about one thing - it's only a new sacrifice. I sure was wrong about my life changing though.

Prior to Reed, I could have a bad day at work and that would just carry over to a bad night when I got home. Now it is impossible to come home in a bad mood and remain that way when he looks up at me and giggles. There is an inspiration to strive to be the best father I can be so that I can see those giggles every day.

Now this evening this all came with a message. There were two events tonight that God used to answer my weekly prayers. I just needed a sign that would tell me my mom was going to be alright. I knew she was but I just needed assurance.

The first event happened on our nightly visit to the hospital. My mom had a really good day and they are telling her there is chance she will get to go home tomorrow. That all came in to an apex when Reed decided to be an inspiration. Gramma hasn't been able to play with her grandkids since the accident until tonight. We held Reed by the bed and they laughed together. It was the most I've seen my mom smile all week. God said, "Your mom is going to be okay. "

The second event came when Jessica and I came home to an e-mail from Granna and Papa T. It was a video of a professor giving his last lecture. He is dying from pancreatic cancer. He talked about living a life of dreams, and how important it is to chase those dreams and have fun doing it. It was very inspirational, especially knowing that he is living his last months. God said, "Your mom is going to be okay."

Having an inspiration like Reed does change your life forever.


Whit & Lindsay said...

Great blog, Michael! Love your writing!
I'm so happy to hear your mom is doing better. Send her my love.
I also watched that professor's video. Really good stuff.

Tara said...

I'm so happy that Reed is in the world. You and Jessica will continue to be just what he needs to grow into a wonderful man. I'm so happy to have you two as friends! And Michael, I'm so glad your mom is getting better. What a scary time. I'm sure doses of Reed will continue to be the best medicine! :)

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