Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Joy of Consignment

This week I've discovered consignment stores. Reed has outgrown most of his clothes and still needs some more cold weather ones. Most of the stores are only selling spring/summer clothes now. So by a neighbor's suggestion, I hit the consignment stores. And I'm thrilled. Why have I not discovered these sooner? Not only do you get great prices to begin with, but you get to negotiate. My dad would love it. I've been wanting to get an infant chair, but they're a little on the pricey end. I found one, and I got to negotiate the price! Love it. Also got four outfits that fit and are the right season. For just $6. Amazing.


Jimmy said...

Though I am not normally a digger (one who enjoys the thrill of the "find"... T J Maxx, Marshall's, Ross's, etc.)I will hit up a consignment store. My gosh, kids typically wear an outfit for less than a month so the clothes are only gently used. I still have articles of clothing from middle school, okay maybe just high school, but still....
(this is brittany signed in as jimmy...though he would definitely claim the post...he does endorse consignment stores being the frugal person that he is and he literally does still have clothes from middle school also due to the frugal person that he him dearly )

Brad & Shana said...


I saw your blog through our mutual friend, Brittany's.

Anyway, if you like consignment, Chattanooga has one twice a year that is huge.

I must admit that sometimes it is hit or miss, but I've never left the sale empty handed.

Go to if you are interested to find out the info.

Summer said...

I think consignment stores are great, except when you're a teenager and your mom makes you shop there. Not that I'm speaking from experience. :)

Tara said...

Jessica? Negotiate? NEVER! :) You are the master, my dear. I wish I could be there to witness you in action. Love this blog, by the way. Love it.

Amy said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I have also looked at yours through Brittany! Reed is precious! I LOVE your background, too! It is fun to read about other first time moms and of course see the adorable pictures!

Thanks for visiting.