Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Building People Up

Michael here. I've been contemplating becoming a "blogger" ever since Jessica started "Reed All About It." I'm not the best writer and let's face it my grammar is atrocious (Jessica will be proofreading this in a moment). However, I've always been athletic and I think the old saying "practice makes perfect" applies here as well.

So I thought why not start by doing something I have come to love -- spreading the Christian word. Before you read this post you may need to read Brody Harper's blog (which I came across through the breadcrumbs) first which has given me my inspiration here. He has challenged us bloggers to post a blog building someone up. It is one of our Christian duties to do things that are pleasing to our Lord. His post gives a wonderful Biblical study of this so I'll let you check that out there and go on doing my part in "Building People Up".

When I met my lovely wife I would have never thought I would meet a family as wonderful as I did. I've always tried to surround myself with others that challenge me to be a better person. That challenge can come by direction or by example. However, example is my preference. The whole family does that including Jessica but one does so without even knowing. She is very humble and will be very surprised to read this, I'm sure. Jessica has always looked up to her and it's not hard to see why. She is extremely intelligent and wise. She is extremely successful in her career. She is also awesome at her hobbies whether running or real estate. Although real estate may be a career, too. So here is saying thanks. Thanks, Kathryn, for being an inspiration and someone that I also look up to.

I've always loved my mother. We danced to "Wind Beneath My Wings" at my wedding for a reason. This weekend she was in a four-wheeling accident. She was finally moved from ICU into an intermediate care room this afternoon but still in quite a bit of pain. It breaks my heart to see my mother in this condition. She is the strongest person I know. From the time I was three until 11 she raised my brother and me as a single mom on approximately $20K a year. All while going to school, working full time and making sure we never missed a meal and always clothed. My mother never once complained about her situation and always encouraged us to make the best of everything. I owe my every accomplishment to her. She made sure there was always time and resources for us to participate in any extra curricular event we chose from Little League to band. I couldn't make it without her. I love you and get well soon. We all need you.


brody.harper said...


Thanks for contributing and thanks for stopping by. My prayers to your mom.

Brittany said...

Michael...you definitely underestimate your writing abilities. I don't know how much proofreading Jessica did, but I think you did a great job. I am in desperate need of some help in the grammatically incorrect department, so Jessica I open the floor to any suggestions.

Anyway...I love your subject and have to agree with the awesome family you married into. They are incredible. I am so glad to have them as my adopted family :) You shared an incredible insight into your childhood and your mom. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Praying for her!

Summer said...

I was really moved by what you said and its greater message. We often forget to build people up. Also, I definitely hope your mom gets to feeling better soon.

Jimmy said...

MAN! You set the bar high for a first post - I LOVED IT!

Whit & Lindsay said...

Nice blog, Michael! Fun to read your words!

deborah said...

I was touched by your blog! How nice that you think we are awesome. We think you are too! You just earned extra points you know!!!!

Praying for your mom!

Corneice said...

Thanks to the many answered prayers and the loving care of my family and friends, I am home and doing great! What Michael doesn't quite understand is, that it was he (and Chris) who was the wind beneath my wings. The three of us made a great team and then God sent us Phillip to make it even stronger.

Later God blessed Michael (and our growing family} with Jessica. Jessica and I knew we would get along from the very first time Jessica visited our home and walked in to find me watching HGTV! Now with the wonderful addition of Reed, they have to listen (not always follow) all of that advice about what to do and so on and so on. But they take it in stride and I'm sure do just exactly what they want as soon as I turn around (sometimes before :<) ) Love to you all and thanks to all of Michael's friends who sent up prayers. They have been answered and soon the bruises will disappear and (with a lot of therapy), I'll be throwing snowballs again with the next snowfall! And Michael is correct, the best therapy in the world is to be surrounded by my grandchildren. There is no better evidence of God's grace!

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