Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sitting Up!

So I know I just posted about 10 minutes ago - but in the meantime, Molly sat up on her own! So now, I'm blogging again. Check out this strong little girl - sitting up at 4 1/2 months!

And to see Reed sitting up for the first time check out this post - so fun to compare the pictures between them! Now off to find the johnny-jump up! =)

some photos

Reed helping us unroll a new rug.

Helping Michael flatten it out.

Molly sucking her fingers - she's also started sucking her thumb...

Sweet smiles...

"Kaki" and Molly.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

quick update

Molly is growing so fast! I cannot believe it has already been four months! Time sure does fly. She went for her four month checkup today. She's in the 25% for height and weight. And otherwise is doing great! The doctor said she's already close to getting teeth. Crazy! She did awesome with her shots, too, only crying for a second. Unlike some very vocal child down the hall.

Reed also did really well at the doc, even though it wasn't his appointment. He really was on his best behavior. He charmed the nurses as usual and got a sticker when we left because he did so well.

As I type, Reed is napping and Molly is taking full advantage. She's rolling/scooting all over the floor, and laughing at me every time I look at her. She's very proud of her new found ability to move around!

Reed has also been helping me cook lately. I heard recently that dogs need tasks. I decided that my child, in fact, needed tasks as well. And so I've been letting him help me with chores. He really loves helping me cook, and has done really well following the rules.

He's also gotten a new cell phone (Michael's old one, minus the battery). He thinks he is big time with this, and walks around the house talking on it. He says, "Hi Nana. Hi Nana. O-oo-oh. Bye Nana." Or Daddy. Or Papa. Or "ama". And he's so serious about it.

We've also started potty training. He's doing okay, but mostly likes to sit and read.

Molly has also discovered herself in a mirror on her activity mat. I'll catch her looking and talking to herself all the time.
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