Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving Day and Other Tidbits of a Busy [tired] Family

Sorry for the absence from the blog. But, we've been busy. Really busy. In the past two weeks we've gotten an offer on our house, negotiated back and forth several times, signed a contract, and close tomorrow. Moved all of our stuff out over the past weekend, thanks to the help of family and friends. Whew! Didn't think it would happen so quickly! So now I've finally had a moment to breath, and to sit down and blog. Also taking me longer to blog, since, also in the past two weeks, my computer decided to quit charging and I had to send it in for service. Finally got it back and EVERYTHING is a wreck. New hard drive, wrong operating system, so now I have to spend several hours getting it back to normal. Needless to say, it's been a crazy two weeks.

But we've had some interesting times, too. Reed turned 9 months, visited his new Pediatrician here in Chattanooga and has adjusted nicely to life at Granna and Papa T's (we're crashing here until we find a house). Here's a few photos to recap since it would take entirely too long to write it all out. And face it, that would be a little boring.

The biggest feat of our ninth month - sleeping through the night. We really liked his new doctor, and she told us he was just perfect. He's finally slowed down on his growth, coming in at 18 lbs 13 ozs and 28" long. He's now in the 40th percentile for height (at 6 months was in the 90th) and the 20th percentile for weight (was in the 50th).

Reed's using a sippy cup like a pro now. And he LOVES ice water.

Reed, just like his Papa T, loves the vacuum cleaner. I hear most babies are scared of it. Oh no, not Reed. He loves for it to suck on his toes, and chases it all around as I clean.

This is what Reed thinks about moving day. Barely made it through his dinner.

Dad securing the load. We had a 24-foot truck, a trailer, and two truck beds loaded down. And I thought we didn't have much junk! Big thanks to Dad for driving the truck even though it had zero air conditioning. Piece of junk.

Finally done. Don't we look exhausted? Even Reed, who fought a nap all day with all the commotion.

Reed LOVES riding Harley-dog. And Harley doesn't even mind! He's so gentle and sweet with Reed.

For more photos, be sure to check out the album on the right.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Friday

Reed got a package in the mail today. His very own sock monkey. And it was love at first site! He even took a nap with him today. My two little monkeys.

Reed is so playful lately! His new favorite game (especially in the tub) is to hand me things. And then get really excited when I say, "Thank you!" Then he wants me to hand the [insert object here] back. Foam numbers, cheerios, toys, pacifiers, diapers. You name it, he hands it to me. He's even learned to hand me things that I ask for and point to. I was folding diapers the other day and Reed was playing in the laundry basket. I asked, "Reed, can you hand Mommy a diaper?" And he reached in, grabbed one and brought it to me. "Thank you!" And he clapped and giggled. I thought it was coincidence, so I tried it a few more times. Same thing. It sure made folding diapers much more fun!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gotta love Etsy!

So I know I've said this before, but I heart etsy! I've just finished working on a custom painting that I'm going to ship out this week. So much fun! Isn't it great to get paid to do something that you love? This is an abstract painting that reflects her family of four (and one in the future). She said if they aren't blessed with another child, they'll say it's the dog. How cute! Love it.

Also just bought Reed this adorable sock monkey from acormier77. Can't wait to get it! He's become attached to this little monkey he already has, but the hair on it pulls out too easily, and he wants to chew on it. Not a good combination. So I found a replacement monkey that he can chew on to his hearts content. And I can even throw it in the wash (gently)!

And speaking of etsy, Lindsay just opened up shop herself. All those great photos you've been seeing on her blog? She's decided to start selling them. I've got my eyes on a few of them myself. Check them out here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wordless Weekend

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh What A Night ...

Reed. Finally. Slept. Through. The. Night.

Or rather, Michael and I just let him cry. But it worked. He finally went to sleep on his own. I think he woke up twice during the night, but we still didn't go in, and he went back to sleep. And was so good all day today. So we'll see how he does tonight. So far so good.

Oh, and we went out to eat earlier, and Reed was infatuated with this pretty little Asian baby at the table next to us. She was about 18 months old, and all Reed did was stare at her and talk to her. And he even tried to give her Cheerios.

A few random photos ...

Working on a new tooth. Finally poked out today. He now has two front bottom teeth.
Reading his new book. It has textures, and on this page he's petting the monkey's hair.
We had a really heavy storm this afternoon. Reed and Michael watched from inside.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Independence Day and other tidbits

Sorry for the absence on the blog. The past week has been busy. Working on a custom painting for an etsy customer (fun), making decisions about my job (stressful), and working on some freelance work.

Anyway, we had such a fun time with our Independence Day festivities. Good fun, good friends and family, and of course, good food! I've posted photos in an album to the right, but here's a few more. Reed really seems to enjoy the lake. Especially kayaking with Papa T! He didn't even mind the fireworks! Of course, Kathryn and I got a good laugh out of remembering how Lindsay used to be so frightened of fireworks when she was younger that she would go sit in the van and cry. But she seems to enjoy them now. We really missed her and Whit this year! It's not the same without you guys.

And check out Brittany's account of the day. She had some really great photos. Oh, and Brittany, the fruit pizza was delicious!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Give thanks

Michael here. Jessica had to go into the office today and I got the honor, no the privilege to stay at home with Reed. The first thing that ran through my mind as she walked out to get in the car was Lonestar's song "Mr. Mom". It was vintage "a day in the life of your better half." I had to take a phone conference with my boss, wash some clothes, keep up with my day to day responsibilities at work and watch Reed. He is now down for his second nap of the day and I'm looking at the disaster we call a living room. There is Cheerios on the floor and following Jessica's ingenious lead, I've blocked off every possible danger zone. That allows me to sit back and watch Reed travel without fear of a gas log winding up in his mouth or the TV tipping over on him. So after feeding him lunch and noticing that more of it wound up on his bib and face than in his mouth I realized there is a reason God gave us moms. I knew this already but I realized that today is the first time I've had Reed by myself for more than 45 minutes.

1 Timothy 2:1 states "I urge you, first of all pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them." If you read on you see that Paul is asking us to pray and give thanks for those in authority so that we can live a life of godliness and dignity. Well I'm standing to say thanks for Jessica. She takes authority of the daily needs of our household and enables our family to live with godliness and dignity. During the day she washes clothes, washes dishes, cleans the house, waters the flowers, meets the responsibilities of her job whether for her company or freelance and oh yeah makes sure Reed receives proper care and nourishment. Then after that she is always willing and without a doubt definitely able to cook dinner for me as well. Further, other dads at work have asked "Has your wife been standing at the door with Reed waiting for you yet?" I honestly tell them "Nope". There are times she wants me to take him but she never shies away from her motherly care.

Jessica, thanks for being there for our family, thanks for being there for Reed and most of all thanks for being you. I don't know how you do it but lucky for Reed and me, you do.
Thanks for visiting.