Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Give thanks

Michael here. Jessica had to go into the office today and I got the honor, no the privilege to stay at home with Reed. The first thing that ran through my mind as she walked out to get in the car was Lonestar's song "Mr. Mom". It was vintage "a day in the life of your better half." I had to take a phone conference with my boss, wash some clothes, keep up with my day to day responsibilities at work and watch Reed. He is now down for his second nap of the day and I'm looking at the disaster we call a living room. There is Cheerios on the floor and following Jessica's ingenious lead, I've blocked off every possible danger zone. That allows me to sit back and watch Reed travel without fear of a gas log winding up in his mouth or the TV tipping over on him. So after feeding him lunch and noticing that more of it wound up on his bib and face than in his mouth I realized there is a reason God gave us moms. I knew this already but I realized that today is the first time I've had Reed by myself for more than 45 minutes.

1 Timothy 2:1 states "I urge you, first of all pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them." If you read on you see that Paul is asking us to pray and give thanks for those in authority so that we can live a life of godliness and dignity. Well I'm standing to say thanks for Jessica. She takes authority of the daily needs of our household and enables our family to live with godliness and dignity. During the day she washes clothes, washes dishes, cleans the house, waters the flowers, meets the responsibilities of her job whether for her company or freelance and oh yeah makes sure Reed receives proper care and nourishment. Then after that she is always willing and without a doubt definitely able to cook dinner for me as well. Further, other dads at work have asked "Has your wife been standing at the door with Reed waiting for you yet?" I honestly tell them "Nope". There are times she wants me to take him but she never shies away from her motherly care.

Jessica, thanks for being there for our family, thanks for being there for Reed and most of all thanks for being you. I don't know how you do it but lucky for Reed and me, you do.


Tara said...

So sweet! Jessica, you do pretty much rock. :) Reed and Michael are both lucky men.

Whit & Lindsay said...

Aw that's sweet Michael!

Summer said...

What a sweet blog, Michael!!

Corneice said...

Because she loves what she does! Even when there are stressful times. If you love, you can accomplish anything and she is a wonderful mother and wife (and daughter-in-law).

Brittany said...

That was very sweet Michael and so very true. Jessica is definitely a virtuous woman!

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