Friday, July 11, 2008

Independence Day and other tidbits

Sorry for the absence on the blog. The past week has been busy. Working on a custom painting for an etsy customer (fun), making decisions about my job (stressful), and working on some freelance work.

Anyway, we had such a fun time with our Independence Day festivities. Good fun, good friends and family, and of course, good food! I've posted photos in an album to the right, but here's a few more. Reed really seems to enjoy the lake. Especially kayaking with Papa T! He didn't even mind the fireworks! Of course, Kathryn and I got a good laugh out of remembering how Lindsay used to be so frightened of fireworks when she was younger that she would go sit in the van and cry. But she seems to enjoy them now. We really missed her and Whit this year! It's not the same without you guys.

And check out Brittany's account of the day. She had some really great photos. Oh, and Brittany, the fruit pizza was delicious!!


Brittany said...

great pictures. i know Lindsay has been anxiously awaiting the unveiling. i snagged a few from your album. fun times and again thanks for letting a crash for a bit. we had a good time.

Whit & Lindsay said...

Hey now fireworks can be very scary at a young age. Remember how Kathryn got hit by one of the Collins' stray ones? Yikes.

Michael said...

Lindsay you should have seen those of us on Sam's barge. We shot one firework off that we didn't realize was just a fountain of sparks. Kathryn for the dock yelled "kick it off". We didn't, but everything turned out okay after quite a scare.

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