Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving Day and Other Tidbits of a Busy [tired] Family

Sorry for the absence from the blog. But, we've been busy. Really busy. In the past two weeks we've gotten an offer on our house, negotiated back and forth several times, signed a contract, and close tomorrow. Moved all of our stuff out over the past weekend, thanks to the help of family and friends. Whew! Didn't think it would happen so quickly! So now I've finally had a moment to breath, and to sit down and blog. Also taking me longer to blog, since, also in the past two weeks, my computer decided to quit charging and I had to send it in for service. Finally got it back and EVERYTHING is a wreck. New hard drive, wrong operating system, so now I have to spend several hours getting it back to normal. Needless to say, it's been a crazy two weeks.

But we've had some interesting times, too. Reed turned 9 months, visited his new Pediatrician here in Chattanooga and has adjusted nicely to life at Granna and Papa T's (we're crashing here until we find a house). Here's a few photos to recap since it would take entirely too long to write it all out. And face it, that would be a little boring.

The biggest feat of our ninth month - sleeping through the night. We really liked his new doctor, and she told us he was just perfect. He's finally slowed down on his growth, coming in at 18 lbs 13 ozs and 28" long. He's now in the 40th percentile for height (at 6 months was in the 90th) and the 20th percentile for weight (was in the 50th).

Reed's using a sippy cup like a pro now. And he LOVES ice water.

Reed, just like his Papa T, loves the vacuum cleaner. I hear most babies are scared of it. Oh no, not Reed. He loves for it to suck on his toes, and chases it all around as I clean.

This is what Reed thinks about moving day. Barely made it through his dinner.

Dad securing the load. We had a 24-foot truck, a trailer, and two truck beds loaded down. And I thought we didn't have much junk! Big thanks to Dad for driving the truck even though it had zero air conditioning. Piece of junk.

Finally done. Don't we look exhausted? Even Reed, who fought a nap all day with all the commotion.

Reed LOVES riding Harley-dog. And Harley doesn't even mind! He's so gentle and sweet with Reed.

For more photos, be sure to check out the album on the right.


Summer said...

Glad your move went well. I'm definitely sympathetic. Three moves in four years have made us ready to put some roots down. And isn't it amazing how quickly you can fill up a truck? Every time we get a bigger moving truck, only to find it's never big enough. Our new rule: So we won't outgrow the biggest truck you can rent, we must balance every purchase we make by giving something else away! Good luck in your house-hunting. :)

Brittany said...

Welcome back to the Noog!!! Ada also enjoys sipping water from her sippy cup and a little vacuuming. I feel a play date involving water and vacuums : ) However, Reed will have to teach Ada how to be "chased" by the vacuum. She is still immobile for the most part.

Amy said...

Glad to hear your move went well! Also glad you are in town! Anna Kate would love to tag along on a play date with Reed and Ada... she too loves sippy cups and vacuums, but I do think that there might be better entertainment in town! ;o) We need to check out the upcoming playgym classes... I think that they can all be in the same group!

Corneice said...
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