Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chew Toys, Tongues and First Steps

Reed has a new fascination with using his mouth as a third hand. I think he thinks he's Harley (the dog). I've captured it a few times.

Reed also has a fascination with his tongue. It is usually sticking out, blowing bubbles, spitting, or saying "ba ba ba" with it hanging out. Papa T thinks it's funny to get him to do it while he's eating.

On another note, Reed stayed with his Gramma last Thursday while we tied up some loose ends on the house, and then we took him to get photos done. She's been wanting to get one of him with a boat so she can match some photos that she has of the other grandkids, and this was a perfect opportunity. All the photos turned out great! You can check them out here.

One last note - Reed has almost reached a new milestone! He's starting to take his first steps. He's determined to take off at full speed, so I think it will be a while still before he gets the hang of it completely. He doesn't want to take up any time trying to get balanced before he takes off!


Brittany said...

It sounds like Reed is training to be a runner like the rest of the fam.

awesome pics!

Corneice said...

He'll figure that balance thing out soon. And Papa T, I think it's funny too! Especially if it's his mama or daddy feeding him. Love the bib!

Tara said...

Jessica, you're becoming such a fantastic photographer! I love the one with the chew toy in his mouth. Adorable! :)

Whit and Lindsay said...

I just love ol' Reed. What a cutie patootie.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness... Reed is so cute with all the toys in his mouth! I definitely want to get together. I know Brittany is going to be out of town a lot in the next few weeks, but if it's cool with you, you and I could just get together somewhere! AK loves playing with other kids. My email address is amy.bradberry@comcast.net if you want to e-mail me, maybe we could plan a time!

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