Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Sweet [almost] Home

Well, it's official. We're buying a house, closing the 28th! It'll probably be a few weeks before we move in, as we're going to rip out all the green/blue/pink carpet that's everywhere (including the bathrooms) and redo all the flooring. We'll also repaint everything. Figured it would be a lot easier to do before we move in. It's on Signal Mountain, right behind the elementary school Reed will go to. Walking distance.

Reed and Michael running through the sprinkler. Reed loves to get wet!

Reed really loves swimming! He usually swims in the lake, like this, but this week we went to Stuart Heights with Ada and Brittany, and Reed loved the freedom of swimming without the life jacket! Thanks guys, for inviting us to come with! We had a great time!
Reed also loves playing in Granna's cabinets.

And also loves playing with Ms. Kitty, the neighbor's cat who has adopted my parents.

Today we went to the park with Brittany and Ada, and some new friends, Amy and Anna Kate, and Ashley and Jackson. We had such a good time! Hope to do it again soon! I didn't get too many pictures, but I'm sure the other girls will add photos to their blogs soon, too. The kiddos seemed to have a good time!

Anna Kate giving Reed some sweet kisses. Reed didn't mind, because she shared her graham crackers with him.
Anna Kate: Reed, you lick Ada's stroller, I'll chew on your pacifier clip.
Aren't they cuties! Sorry I missed photos of the other kiddos, I'll have to take more next time!!


Brookville said...

CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE! I'm so happy for you! Maybe you need to start a new home improvement blog to track your progress, or just put little Reed to work and it will fit in with this one! :) The house looks beautiful. I can't wait to come visit! Save a project for us to help with! I'm a good cutter inner!


Tara said...

that last comment was from me... for some reason it had me signed in under my class reunion address. oopsie!

Amy said...

We had fun and can't wait to get together again! Will you email me the pictures you got of AK and Reed? I love the one of her kissing him (even tough my head and cookie are sticking out)! LOL I will send you the pics I got.

Brittany said...

So happy for you guys on the house. I am still questioning why you would pull up the pink, green, blue carpet. You guys could totally be trendsetters. ha! Can't wait to see it. Had fun this week. There will be many more play dates to come and no worries about the pics. I took a ton!

Summer said...

I love the house! It has so many trees, and how wonderful to be so close to Reed's school. Congratulations!!

Whit and Lindsay said...

I just LOVE it. Can't wait to see the house....maybe in October? Maybe next year?
Post lots of before and after pics for me!
Reed is such a cutie. Hugs from Auntie L.

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