Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gotta love Etsy!

So I know I've said this before, but I heart etsy! I've just finished working on a custom painting that I'm going to ship out this week. So much fun! Isn't it great to get paid to do something that you love? This is an abstract painting that reflects her family of four (and one in the future). She said if they aren't blessed with another child, they'll say it's the dog. How cute! Love it.

Also just bought Reed this adorable sock monkey from acormier77. Can't wait to get it! He's become attached to this little monkey he already has, but the hair on it pulls out too easily, and he wants to chew on it. Not a good combination. So I found a replacement monkey that he can chew on to his hearts content. And I can even throw it in the wash (gently)!

And speaking of etsy, Lindsay just opened up shop herself. All those great photos you've been seeing on her blog? She's decided to start selling them. I've got my eyes on a few of them myself. Check them out here.


Brittany said...

Jessica! I love it! You did an incredible job. How are you ever going to give it up. Oh yeah, money talks. :) So do I get a friends and family discount? I am a little of both, after all.

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