Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Friday

Reed got a package in the mail today. His very own sock monkey. And it was love at first site! He even took a nap with him today. My two little monkeys.

Reed is so playful lately! His new favorite game (especially in the tub) is to hand me things. And then get really excited when I say, "Thank you!" Then he wants me to hand the [insert object here] back. Foam numbers, cheerios, toys, pacifiers, diapers. You name it, he hands it to me. He's even learned to hand me things that I ask for and point to. I was folding diapers the other day and Reed was playing in the laundry basket. I asked, "Reed, can you hand Mommy a diaper?" And he reached in, grabbed one and brought it to me. "Thank you!" And he clapped and giggled. I thought it was coincidence, so I tried it a few more times. Same thing. It sure made folding diapers much more fun!!


Tara said...

How adorable! He is such a little ham(pton)! Glad to hear you're still doing the cloth diapers, too. Good for you guys, the environment, and little Reed's tushie!

Summer said...

He is so adorable! I wonder if he'll get to the dropping-things phase. We have tons of photos of me dropping anything and everything for my mom to pick up. But she said the giggles she got in return were worth it. :)

Jessica said...

um. yes. He definitely does that.

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