Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Growing, growing, growing!

Reed has grown so much in the past month! When he went to the doctor a month ago, he was 26 inches and 15 lbs, 8 ozs. This morning, he (unofficially) was over 27 inches tall and weighed 16 lbs, 6 ozs. I think he's starting to thin out a little bit. Maybe. Those cheeks sure don't show it, though!


Brittany said...

He looks like a little bean stalk. It must be all those green beans he has been eating. Ada can't wait to meet her little green bean eating machine friend. May at the latest! What color hair does Reed have? It almost looks strawberry blonde in this picture.

Jessica said...

Brown. But sometimes it really does look like there could be some red, like in this picture. Michael's grandaddy has red hair, so it's in the family. Wouldn't it be so cute if he had curly red hair?

Brittany said...

That would be precious! Red is so random. In my family it is myself, two cousins (from different sides of the family) and then my maternal grandfather's brother.

We would love to see you guys this weekend. We definitely do not want to interfere with Papa T and Granna time. This is getting long winded so I will email you.

Whit & Lindsay said...

He looks so long!
what a cutie!

Thanks for visiting.