Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's been going on

We've been pretty busy. Sorry for the lack of blog updates. Hopefully you'll get your fill out of this post, as it may be a while before I have time again! So biggest news: I went to the doctor and even though Molly is not due for another 3 weeks, doc says it will probably be this week. And probably sooner rather than later! So we were busy today working on her room. Mom and Dad came over to watch Reed while I was at the doctor and to help around the house. Mom and I worked on a mural in Molly's room, while Dad played with Reed and worked on some trim. They also got her window treatments hung, and they are gorgeous! Here's some photos of her room:

So Reed has had a lot going on, too! We've been working on his sleeping. We are no longer rocking him to sleep anymore, and he's going to sleep on his own. Which is going really well! Although sometimes at naptime he chooses to play instead of sleep. This is what we found the other day when we went to get him after a nap in which he choose to play instead.

That's right, he apparently got a little hungry and took a chunk out of his crib. And he was pretty proud of himself. He made sure to show me what he had done. And couldn't understand why I wasn't happy about this! Hopefully this will be a one-time thing!

And this last one is him and his Daddy reading books after Michael got home from work. So sweet!


-brittany- said...

Molly's room is GORGEOUS! I love the mural and her roman shades...wow! She is one lucky little girl and we can not wait to meet her. We'll be waiting by the phone :) Make sure to let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you all. Seriously, I may have beat you up and manipulated you into cooking goodies (with Lindsay's help, of coarse), but I nice now besides the little bit of harassment that I am entitled to being an adopted sister and all...

Anyway, here's to delivering prior to Friday bc you know you why :)

Whit and Lindsay said...

The mural is awesome! Love it!! I, YOUR REAL SISTER (no knocks to the step-sister), am also waiting by the phone!!! Keep me posted!
BTW, I just waited for like 2 hours to have my cell phone fixed so I could receive calls when the time comes!

Summer said...

Thanks for the update, Jessica! I love all the photos. Molly's room is absolutely adorable (could I contract you out to do my nursery whenever I have kids??). And Reed is just getting cuter everyday. I'll be thinking of you all. Make sure to have someone post on the blog or Facebook when you've had Molly.

Amy said...

I love all the work you have done in Molly's room! So precious! We are all on pins and needles waiting to see that tiny precious face. AK is going to freak out having a real live baby as a playmate!
We will be thinking about you and praying for you and Molly. Can't wait to get that call!

Corneice said...

Love the room, but then I had no doubt it would be gorgeous. Anxiously waiting for the call to head your way.

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