Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Playdate at the CDM

We've had several playdates lately at the Creative Discovery Museum, and I finally remembered to bring my camera. We met Amy and Anna Kate this morning for a visit. We decided to get a membership recently, and it has been such a good deal and great place to meet (especially good deals since they let two families split a family membership!) And the kiddos really seem to enjoy it!

And well, these photos are thrown in here just because they are fun. Reed is really getting good at using a spoon! And he especially enjoyed his oatmeal this morning with fresh strawberries mixed in!


Amy said...

We had a blast this morning! I am so glad we decided on joining, it's been worth it already! Love the pictures of Reed using the spoon. It's so funny to me at this stage where they are learning to use it!

Whit and Lindsay said...

Reed you ARE a chick magnet!

Summer said...

Seeing his big, sweet smile just makes my day!!

Becca said...

Cute pics!! looks like fun. Hey can you tell me the color of the paint in the background of your pictures of Read at his high chair?? can you tell we just bought a house and i'm looking at paint.. haha :) you can email it to me if you want.

Regina said...

I miss my Reed..I love you little man!!! Kisses to you and mommy and daddy and Molly!!

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