Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playing outside

Now that the weather is warming up, we've been spending more time outside. And trying to make our yard look a little better rather than it's current state of neighborhood dog-poo stop. Michael's been working hard the last few days raking leaves out of the side and back yard. The lady who lived here before us, as a neighbor told us "discouraged grass to grow by letting the leaves pile up". Meaning there's about 30 years of leaves and branches that needs to be cleaned up! But the plus is that the soil underneath seems really good! Reed has been a big help. He LOVES playing outside, and as soon as Michael gets home from work he's ready to go! He helps Michael move leaves around, eats dirt by the handfuls (or just lays on his belly and licks it up), puts rocks in his dump truck and runs all over! Here's a few pics from yesterday. Enjoy!

Oh, and on the Molly front - still not here! She's just enjoying her time in my belly I guess. The doctor says any time now! Of course, she said that last week, too. So we'll just have to wait for Miss Molly to decide she's ready!


Summer said...

I love all the photos and the update! And I check in multiple times every day, just to see if you've had Molly yet. I can't wait to see photos of her too!

-brittany- said...

Such a little man and ALL boy. What a great help he will be when Molly (finally:) arrives.

Great composition in the last shot

Whit and Lindsay said...

Great photos!!

Becca said...

how ironic: when we first moved into our house on signal, our yard was COVERED in leaves too (this was the house I grew up in). Of course with the lovely humid climate on Signal, all those leaves harbored the friendly mosquito! Once we cleared it, the dirt underneath was great and we ended up with a lush green yard! Good luck with that.... :)

Amy said...

Great shots of Reed! I love outdoor pictures.

Come on Molly!

Thanks for visiting.