Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yard work

Every evening when Michael gets home from work we've been working out in the yard. Reed really loves the outdoors, so he's been loving helping us work! Here's a few pictures from yesterday. There's a bunch more in an album to the right.

My little tree hugger:

Helping us plant shrubs

Reed discovered me taking pictures, and was trying to look into the camera lens ...


Corneice said...

What a beautiful smile. I can't believe she is already getting that personality and tomorrow will be 1 month old! Can't wait to see all of you this weekend. Hugs to my adorable grandbabies! And Reed, I have lots of dirt you can eat here!

-brittany- said...

Love all the great blackmail material you have archived of Reed. His future wife (who he will not be able to wed until he is 52, right?) is going to literally love you for these and in the meantime I love them. Reed's personality is adorable and Molly is just precious. A month...I can NOT believe it!

Amy said...

Black mail is right. :) Your kids are SO cute. I love Reeds face in the pic where he is looking right into the lens. So cute!

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