Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a nice Easter, spending the evening at Granna and Papa T's. Reed enjoyed hunting Easter eggs, and then re-hiding them when he was done! We had a yummy dinner with them and also with Kathryn and Mammaw. Molly slept through the entire thing, but she looked cute doing it! And Reed entertained everyone, as usual. He, too, looked cute doing it!
Here's a few pictures from the day, and the rest are in an album to the right. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Granna made a bunny cake for dessert. Yummy!


Summer said...

For the millionth time, I just think your kids are incredibly adorable! I never tire of the photos. :)

Ashley said...

Happy 1st Easter Molly Girl! Reed looks adorable as always! Love the pictures!

Amy said...

I especially love the family picture. How great do you look? Please tell me that you did not have a baby two weeks ago. Reed is SO handsome! That "cheesy" grin is adorable.

-brittany- said...

I was thinking the SAME thing! Jessica, you look amazing and I am loving Reed's seer sucker shorts!!!

Corneice said...

I can't believe how much Molly looks like she has grown in just 1 week since I last saw her. And Reed is his precious self. Love that wrinkled up nose!

Whit and Lindsay said...

How fun! I am loving this personality Reed is growing into. And hopefully Molly will wake up before I come back this fall. :)

And Jess, you do look great!

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