Monday, January 12, 2009

Reading and Vacuuming

Reed enjoying rocking in his chair by himself,
and reading his "big brother" book.

We bought a new vacuum cleaner, and Reed had
a really great time trying it out for us. I think I may
be able to put him to work soon!


Regina said...

HA! I made the first comment..I beat Ashley and Brittany..send Reed over to my house when he gets done ya little man!

Summer said...

I'm impressed at your ability to make Reed think household chores are fun!

Amy said...

His face in the last picture says it all! Tongue out. Smiling from ear to ear. He just loves it! So very cute!

-brittany- said...

great aperture shot of michael and reed.

and is reed up for hire? you guys may not have enough carpet for the little guy so he is welcome to come to our house to have plenty more vacuum time.

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