Friday, January 9, 2009

Mommy & Daddy's Big Helper

Helping Daddy move his big boy bed into storage until he's
ready for it. He even grunted when he picked up "his end".

Then he helped Mommy in the kitchen. He did this completely
on his own.

And after looking at these photos, I cleaned the finger/face
prints off the oven door.

Then after all that hard work, he grabbed his blanket and
a book and crashed on the rug.


Ashley said...

Looks like you have a pretty good helper on your hands! Getting ready to show little sis the ropes. :)Missed you guys today!!

-brittany- said...

Can Reed come help me out at my house?

Did he do this all in way day? Busy little dude. So busy!

-brittany- said...

how creepy is it that Ashley and I barely even gave you a chance to push post before we hovered over your blog?

p.s. Jimmy just told me that Ada is petting the least she learned one good thing from Reed...a love for the that arm farting (again hate the word, but better in this context that toot) thing can be kept to himself :)

Ashley said...

I think they call it blog stalking...But that is not what we were doing. ;)

-brittany- said...

but we should leave a massive amount of comments so we appear to be blog stalkers bc blog stalkers are cool or we can appear like complete dorkos for not having anything better to do on a Friday night than unleash comments.

Hey Ashley-nana nana boo boo. I bet I can leave more comments on here that you can....go! (cause I am already one up on ya)

Who is the dork now? It's me. It's me. (Spartan Cheerleaders)

Regina said...

Look at him..he is getting into everything. I think he needs a weekend with Aunt Regina and Uncle Chris. You guys should take sometime to yourselves and let us spoil him one weekend...I'm serious..sometime after Gatlinburg..just give us a head's up so I can get off work...I will keep him in one piece I swear!!

Amy said...

Ok... Ashley and Britt, you are scaring me. :o) Seriously... you should get a life and catch up on TV shows all night like me... three in a row... you guys are such losers, really try to be a party animal like me.

Anyway, Jessica, Reed is a doll. I love when they "help." It is amazing what they pick up on just by watching us (i.e. the grunting and pot holders).

Ashley said...

Well I think you did win Brittany, but this is the last time! hahahaha(evil laugh) Now I am the big dork.

I am trying to download some tv show's actually but it is not working out for me. Or at least it wasn't. Not sure what I was doing wrong.

Summer said...

Reed is so adorable! And the house looks beautiful. And SO clean...

Thanks for visiting.