Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hooray for Dads

Have I mentioned what a wonderful Dad Michael is? Well, let me take a moment to do so. I think so often all the things Dad's do sort of get shifted to the background. Let me bring some to the forefront.

Michael has always been such a huge help with Reed, but lately, as I'm getting further into my pregnancy, he has stepped it up even more. A typical day: Michael gets to work around 7 am or a little before so that he can be home earlier in the afternoon. So he's usually home by 3:30, unless he's stopped to run some honey-do errands on his way. He never comes in and just sits down, even though I'm sure he'd like to. No, he comes in and spends time with Reed and takes over watching him while I work on dinner. He always cleans up afterward, too. Once it's close to bed time, we usually give Reed a bath together (Michael usually doing the grunt work, as leaning over the bathtub isn't currently my idea of comfortable), and then Michael takes care of bedtime. Read a few books, listen to some music, rock a bit, go to sleep. And if that hasn't given me enough of a rest, he always, without complaining, takes the night shift. Which thankfully, is getting increasingly better. Need a diaper change at 3 am? Check. Need a pat on the back and a gentle, "Back to sleep"? Check check.

And Reed loves to play with his Daddy. He's just so silly! Daddy rolls around in the floor with him, runs around the house with him, makes funny sounds with him. Oh, and plays in boxes with him. Which is apparently really, really funny.

So even though I don't say it enough, I just wanted to take a moment to share how much I appreciate Michael and all he does for our family.


Whit and Lindsay said...

What a great Daddy!!!

Amy said...

What a sweet post Jessica! Dads are the best!

Tara said...

Doesn't surprise me at all. Michael is just a special, selfless person. All the way around. I'm so lucky to have you two as friends!

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