Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So we've been super busy. That's my disclaimer to the lack of blogging. Hopefully things will begin to slow down now that we've moved in our house and are wrapping up most of our projects. Here's a few before and after photos of what we've been working on for the past few months. We still have to hang art on the walls, but that's another day.

On another note, Reed has discovered a new favorite snack. Daddy's cereal. Michael has always had a sweet tooth when it comes to cereals. Apparently Reed does, too. He just giggles and laughs every time he sees the box. And loves to dig into it himself.


-brittany- said...

I am still SOOOO amazed by the transformation! Your house is unbelievable. You all did an awesome job!

I am sure Michael is so proud that Reed shares his love of Pops. Too cute!

On a side note: when is it going to end? I thought Ada was getting better and I just took her temp and it was 102.2 underarm = 103.2 :(

Whit and Lindsay said...

The house looks amazing! Wow.
Reed is really starting to look older. Man. I think he is starting to look a little like Matthew.
What a cutie putootie.
BTW, you should be getting a Christmas package from Whit & me in about a week!

Becca said...

I have heard SO much about this house! I hope we get to see it one day (even though i've met you ohhh only what, one time?? - ha)!! Congrats.

Amy said...

Love the house! You have done even a lot more since we visited on Friday! So when can you start the renovation on mine? ;o)

Hope all the kids get/stay well so we can see everyone tomorrow!

Ashley said...

The house is amazing! I promise next time Jackson will not spit up on the rug!

I, like Amy, would like to know when you can start on mine!

Summer said...

Wow! You have been busy! The house looks fantastic. I'm so impressed by the transformation. And Reed is just cuter than ever.

Tara said...

Everything looks FANTASTIC! The kitchen is a total shocker. A total transformation! We're really looking forward to visiting. I miss you guys so much, and haven't yet had time to bond with the little guy. Gotta go... my cat (Derek) is trying to make out with me.

Thanks for visiting.