Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Away to the Beach

We're finally taking a break. A fun-filled week of family, friends, the beach, sun and delicious food. No house to work on, no work to work on (almost), no appointments. Just a week at the beach with nothing to do but eat and play and enjoy good company.

Reed loves the beach. He really loves the water. And he quickly learned he does not like to eat sand. Just took one bite to figure that out. One giant handful of a bite. We also celebrated his birthday a little early with my family on Sunday. Brittany made an awesome cake for Reed, which I couldn't appreciate more! Thanks Brittany!

A few pictures below of the first few days. I'll update more later on!


Corneice said...

I'm happy to see you having so much fun, Reed. You are going to be a great big brother!

Tara said...

Awww, these pics make me remember our vacay to Navarre. I keep the pic of the whale we made in the sand on my fridge-- such a great memory! :)One of these future years we'll have to get the Hampton kids and the future Bell kids together for a trip down there. Oh, and Brittany, the cake was adorable! :)

Summer said...

Love the photos! Thinking of you all and Navarre Beach all week!! Oh, and that cake is fantastic, Brittany!!

Amy said...

Yea! I been wanting to see pictures of the fun you guys are having! I think I am in withdrawals with no kindermusik or playdate today! lol.
Reed looked like he LOVED the cake! What a precious cake Britt! So fun to see pictures of babies on the beach. Glad he likes it! Happy that you guys got a well deserved break!

Amy said...

Oh... and I am glad to see that he got his very own vacuum! That cracks me up!

Brittany said...

Happy early Birthday Reedman! Glad you enjoyed your cake. You plowed into it like a pro and in regards to all this swimming. I am just waiting for you to grow fins. You are such a little fish.

Now that you have your own vacuum, can you come to my house and take over those duties?

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Reed...Love that cake!
Wish I was at the beach!

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