Monday, April 14, 2008

Reed's Christening

Yesterday was a very special day. We had Reed christened at church, and a lot of our family was able to be there to share this time with us. We did miss having the rest of our family there, but we've got plenty of pictures to share.

Reed was a perfect angel and looked beautiful in his gown that his Granna made for him. It's going to be an heirloom gown and all the boys in Michael and my family will wear it for their christening. It's got Reed's name embroidered with the date of his christening, and with each child that wears it, we'll add a name and date.

Check out the album to the right for more photos of the christening plus a few others.


Brittany said...

The gown is absolutely stunning and Reed looks precious in it! What a need item to pass down to generations to come. With the length Granna must be implying that she would like a lot more grandchildren!

Corneice said...

The gown is absolutely beautiful. So lucky to have such a talented Granna. And what a handsome young man wearing it!!! It was a great day. So proud of our family (and that includes both sides)! Reed has such a good start in life.

Reed, We love you so much and wish you a successful, healthy, and happy Christian life!

Gramma and Grumpy

Emily said...

Aw, Jess, he's precious. What a special day and the gown idea is just wonderful! Congratulations again on such a handsome boy!

Lindsay said...

Wow, Mom did an amazing job on that gown. Can't it be given down to girls too?
No I am not pregnant or have a girl on the way. But maybe one day!

Hate we had to miss this special occasion.

Reed, we'll see you in a few weeks!

Lindsay said... more comment (I looked at photos after commenting the first time)
WOW! Jess! Great photos. Did you take those? Those are the best I've seen. And that album cover you have is amazing. I can tell you put some work behind those photos. I love the angelic glow to the gown in the photos.
Get that framed. Now!

Summer said...

Oh, Jessica and Michael! Reed is such a handsome boy, and I love his expression of pure happiness. You make such a sweet family! Granna, the gown is amazing. Do you work for hire? (Not that JP and I have any big news, but one of these days...)
I just loved the photos. Thanks for sharing, and I hope to meet Reed soon.

Jessica said...

Aww, thanks! I did take those, and surprisingly, Reed cooperated the whole time! The chewy blocks helped.
Mom says she's making a girl's gown this summer. Hope one of us ends up having a girl! She told me she was going to make one for each family. But she'd probably be happy if we didn't have another Christening in the middle of the school year!

Thanks again, Mom for making the gown! It is so special, and I can't wait to pass it down.

deborah said...

Reed looked so handsome and was so well behaved. He seemed to be enjoying the ceremony!
Thanks for all the praise on the gown. It was made with LOTS OF LOVE! Can't wait to make more!!!!

Brittany said...

So Granna, does that mean you are taking orders?

Thanks for visiting.