Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reed and our newest addition to the yard

Michael here. We finally got the playset we ordered for Reed and Molly on Tuesday night. Although Molly still has a little bit before she appreciates it, Reed fell in love right away. We left the installers here working as we went to my softball game (we won by the way.) Fully expecting the work to be continued the next day, we were very surprised to come home and find it fully completed. Even though it was a little late we had to let Reed play. Right off he ran to the edge of the driveway and pointed at the playset with the biggest smile on his face. Just when I thought he couldn't be more excited, he climbed straight to the top and laughed has hard as he ever has. Then down the slide he went. Here are some pictures from this evening. He enjoyed the playset while Jessica and I took turns mulching leaves and watching Molly.

My favorite, Reed on the tire swing underneath the deck.

About to go down the slide.

Most of you know that anything with a motor or a wheel is a "vroom vroom" to Reed. Well the playset even has a place where Reed can make his favorite sound.

My birthday and father's day are right around the corner. But seeing Reed's face when he discovered his playset was all the gift I need. The are more pictures in the gallery to the right, enjoy.


Jessica said...

disclaimer - we do plan to have grass eventually!!

Amy said...

I LOVE it! How fun! I am sure Reed's reaction was priceless! Can't wait to have our first playdate on the new swingset! I am sure Anna Kate will fall in love with the "sliiide"!

Jamie said...

you're right, knowing our children are happy is the best gift!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like such fun! can I come over and play? His smile is the best ever! You can tell he is just so very happy.

-brittany- said...

Always fun to hear a daddy's perspective. Wish I could have heard Reed's laugh when he saw his own personal playground in his own backyard. How fun! Can't wait to play!

Jessica, I SOOO did not even notice you did not have grass until I saw your disclaimer. I actually scrolled back up and took a second look after reading it :)

Tara said...

FUN! Looks like it has SO much to do!!! Reed must be like a kid in a candy store... or a kid on a playground. How long did it take to set up? Can't wait to come push him on the swing!

Whit and Lindsay said...

I love this. Wish I could have seen his sweet little face when he saw that big 'ol playground just for him!!

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