Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Park: Family Style

Michael here. We took Reed along with Gramma, Memamma and G-Daddy for a photo shoot at what the community used to know as "Hollis Park." It's been a while since it was usable but I can remember the days when never a week passed without a visit. We had family reunions, church picnics, or a random softball game. There was a barbecue pit, paddle boat, diving board, rope swing, see saw, swing set and even a volley ball net. Now it's mainly a pavilion by the pond with some of the remnants of the past. When my mom's uncle and cousin who owned the land became sick the park became overgrown and forgotten. Now their family is beginning to clean up and revamp it so we decided to check it out since it's a short walk behind my grandparent's. Of course we couldn't leave the camera behind. Enjoy the photos. Here's a few and the rest are in an album to the right.


Brittany said...

Was it wild taking your son back to a place where you grew up? How neat! I love the picture of Reed with the straw in his mouth. He looks like a little old man trapped in a baby's body. Cute!

Summer said...

Hollis Park looks like so much fun! I love all the photos. And I second Brittany's comment about Reed with the straw in his mouth.

Whit & Lindsay said...

Aww, so fun!
Michael, I love when you blog, too!

Thanks for visiting.