Saturday, May 3, 2008

Play Days

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. We've been busy enjoying the wonderful weather! Rather than a lot of talk, I'll just post a lot of photos of our fun!

Reed and his cousin Lane swinging. Lane is such a doll, and is turning 3 soon! He had a lot of fun swinging and laughing with Reed.

Reed gets his stunning good looks from his 86-year-old great-grandfather, G-Daddy. He really enjoys bouncing with him!

Today we had a picnic at Corneice's work, and Reed enjoyed the inflatable bouncer! The photos don't really show it, but he really liked bouncing! Should of done a video =)

The cousins also enjoyed the inflatables. I rounded them up for a brief second to snap a photo. Behind those smiles are, "Now that we got our picture with Baby Reed, can we go play on the big slide?!!"

And lastly, now that Reed is very mobile, everything has become more challenging. Including bath time. He wants to crawl/swim in the tub. And he loves it.


Summer said...

I love how he's already learning how to swim. There's no doubt he's a Nash. :)

Brittany said...

Reed looks about as big as Lane. You definitely have an athlete!

I did not even thing about once they start crawling how they would want to do it in the bathtub. Reed's mobility is really made me take extra time to cherish Ada's immobility :)

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